How should my T Shirt fit from Rugby Pro?

T-shirts might be the most challenging item in your closet to fit properly. It’s true. Too tight and a t-shirt will cling to you and emphasize your body in the wrong ways—but too loose and it will dangle around you like a nightgown. Here are the parts—your parts—and where fit matters most.  The T shirt fit guide from Rugby Pro:


Your t-shirt’s sleeves should hit at the midpoint of your upper arm. That said, if you’re very tall or have longer arms, a sleeve that cuts lower can work. If you have shorter arms—or huge guns—shorter sleeves can nicely emphasize your biceps. Our American rugby lifestyle t-shirt emulates those needs creating a sleeve that is contoured and proportional to the shirt. No more tight sleeves, or elbow length sleeves, our shirts have the perfect fit, every time.


Tees are a challenge for the gentleman with a long torso. If you’re a tall or skinny man, please fight any temptation to wear a XXXXL tee. Yes, it might be at the right length, but you’ll disappear in its billowy folds. Instead, look for a long line cut that can cover you without looking boxy. T-shirts should fall just below your belt. If a shirt touches the bottom of your fly, it’s too long.


The majority of men have rounded sloping shoulders—not square ones like Superman. One way to balance round shoulders is with a V-neck collar, since this makes your shoulders look broader. Another tactic is to wear a tee with contrasting sleeves. Regardless of your body type, always make sure the seams of your shirt line up with your shoulder line.


Until they invent a shirt that magically bestows six-pack abs on its wearer, you’ll want to be mindful how a shirt fits around your midsection. Your shirt shouldn’t feel painted on, nor should it drape around you like a Mumu. When in doubt, choose a size up in a slim cut. The slim cut will contour and make the shirt feel fitted, while sizing up will ensure it properly fits arms, shoulders, and torso.

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